WHY JohnventS

A brief on Johnvents

Johnvents Industries Limited was officially incorporated with the Corporate Affairs Commissions (CAC) in 2016. Though it has begun operations 3 years earlier by providing modern information and communication tools, macro-loans, and farm inputs like seedlings and fertilizer to support farmers and finance their businesses.

As a wholly indigenous-owned agribusiness, Johnvents is committed to driving sustainable growth across the entire agricultural value chain from production, processing, manufacturing and distribution.

Over time the company grew its farmers’ database from an initially few hundred across 7 states and then extended across the country. Presently, the database currently has over 5,000 farmers who are currently multiplying and trading cocoa, cassava and maize, sorghum, soybean, cowpea and millet.

Johnvents Industries Limited seeks to play a major role in Africa Agriculture and deliver sustainable value for all stakeholder via production, processing and trading.


Our Vision

Africa’s number 1 company for agricultural transformation, food security and economic growth.

Our Mission

Enriching (Nourishing) the agricultural value chain and boosting the economic life of everyone through innovative practices and sustainable trade.

Products & Offerings


Cocoa bean




Johnvents Procurement

Johnvents Procurement is the agricultural sourcing arm of the Johnvents universe. We operate a commerce ecosystem that facilitates the aggregation of farm outputs to the intended consumers directly or through its partners.

With started with our network of over 50,000 farmers and Local Buying Agents (LBAs) multiplying and aggregating cocoa, cassava, maize, sorghum, soybean, cowpea and millet in over the country. This network has only deepened and has greatly benefited our operations.

As part of our core strategy to produce acquisition, Johnvents Procurement also provide financial support to small, medium and large holder farmers. Sometimes we provide some oversight and employ a balanced output sharing formula. We could limit our contribution to just funding support or we also provide advance support from farm-to-sale to guarantee yield on loans.


Johnvents Cocoa factory

Johnvents Cocoa Factory is one of Nigeria's largest cocoa processing plants. It is set up to crush over 40 tonnes of cocoa bean daily with a daily output of 80% of cocoa butter, liquor cake or powder.The factory, The factory is equipped with critical machinery to run a robust operation from pre-processing to packaging.

It is a automated plant and comparatively efficient by way of energy consumption and outputs.

Cocoa butter

Cocoa Powder

Cocoa Cake

Cocoa liquor


Johnvents AgriTrade

Our commodity trading business has become an outlet for hundreds of buyers, processors, and manufacturers access to markets through our aggregation network.

We keep the commodities ecosystem alive with billions of produce supplies to big-time off-takers, multinationals and big-scale manufacturers.

Across the trading funnel where buyers and farmers exchange value, we offer our retail clients opportunities that empower the trade ecosystem through the JOHNVENTS AGRITRADE product.

They invest securely and earn impressive returns on a range of commodities trading portfolio from maize, millet, cocoa, cassava amongst others.

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